Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Three Simple Things

This is Good!
This will help us collect MORE food on the 15th!

  Have your Scouts do these "Three Simple Things":

1. Knock on every door that received a door hanger and did not leave a donation. Maybe they forgot to put out their food or would give if asked. They did this in East Contra Costa Co…and they collected more food than ever!

 2. Tell your family and friends if they didn't get a door hanger they can still help by dropping off their food at any SFF Collection Site on Nov 15th. 

3. Ask your Charter Organization to collect food and you deliver it on the 15th. 

History has taught us that most people will donate if asked by a Scout in his uniform. We also know that people have busy schedules and may want to help but forget to put out their food. We can remind them with a Scout friendly knock on the door.

We know that over 1.75 million people live in our Council and that approximately 6,000 Scouts and their leaders participated in SFF last year. This means that most people did not get a Door Hanger and many of them would be willing to donate if the knew where to bring the food.

Tell your family and friends if they didn't get a door hanger they can still help by dropping off their food at any SFF Collection Site on Nov 15th. 

Every Scout Unit has a Charter Organization. Most people in that organization are willing to help. Ask your Charter Organization to collect food and you deliver it on the 15th. 

If we do these "Three Simple Things" we WILL increase the food we collect for the needy in our communities and can truly say we try "TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE AT ALL TIMES..."

A copy of  a "Three Simple Things" Flyer and Collection Site list  for you to distribute can be downloaded here: http://tinyurl.com/kusycxv 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Napa Food Bank has moved to a bigger and better location!
Their new address is:
Napa Food Bank
1755 Industrial Way, Napa

An updated SFF Collection Site list can be Downloaded at:


Thursday, September 18, 2014

This year's SFF Flier is now Downloadable!!

Scouting For Food
 “A Scout is Helpful....”
                                    Scout Law

November 8th  and  15th

Do you have?
ü The name of your Unit SSF Chair
ü Maps and collection areas assigned
ü Collection sites identified
ü Plans for distributing Door Hangers
ü Number of Hangers needed ...call your SFF Chair
ü Plans to use SFF as part of a recruitment effort...
                                                  Be a Friend...Bring a Friend

Ground Transportation for collection day provided by:
Con-way Freight and CC/S Food Bank

Jim Mattson 925-408-4065 ~Jose Rodriguez 929-674-6124
 Go to our Blog at sff-mdsc.blogspot.com

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SSF 2013 Collection Sites

SFF Collection Sites

November 15, 2015

As of 9/27/14

Aklan District

·         Moraga LDS Church, 3776 Via Granada, Lafayette

Diablo Sunrise District (Marsh Creek, Black Diamond)

·         Antioch LDS Stake Center, 2350 Jeffery Way, Antioch                            
·         Antioch LDS Church, 3013 Rio Grande Dr., Antioch 
·         Brentwood LDS Church, 1101 McClarren Rd. Brentwood

Chief Solano District

·         Solano Food Bank, 2339-F, Courage Dr, Fairfield
      Site: Marilu Boucher 707-421-9777

Herms District

·         Hilltop LDS Church, 4351 Hilltop Dr, Richmond

·         St Mary Magdalen/School, 2005 Berryman St., Berkeley

Ironhorse District

·         Pleasant Hill LDS Church, 555 Boyd Rd., Pleasant  Hill                                                                                                                                        

Lake District

·           Food Cupboard, 410 North Main St, Lakeport

Meridian District

·         Danville LDS Stake Center, 655 Old Orchard Dr.,  Danville.                                                                                                                                       

Muir District
·         Contra Costa Food Bank, 4010 Nelson Ave., Concord
     Site Manager: Jim Morris, 925-676-7543 ex 226
·         Farm Bureau Hall, 5554 Clayton Rd, Concord
·         Oak Grove LDS Church, 2930 Treat Blvd., Concord

Silverado District (Napa Valley, Silver Gate)

·          Napa Food Bank, 1755 Industrial Way., Napa.....Note Change of address
              Site contact: Shirley King 707-253-6128 
·         Calistoga, Calistoga Police Dept., 1235 Washington St, Sergeant John Mills,707-942-2810
·         St Helena Pantry, 1777 Main St,  St Helena , Site Manager Linda Bertole, 707-963-5183
·         Larry’s Truck Toppers, 5353 Broadway St., American Canyon, 707-561-7070

·         Benicia City Park, 1100 1st Street, near the Gazebo
                   Site contact, Dave Sweet 707 494-8687                                                                        
·         Elks Lodge, 2850 Redwood Parkway, Vallejo
              Site contact, Dave Sweet 707 494-8687                

Call: Jim Mattson 925-408-4065 ~Jose Rodriguez 925-674-6124
 Go to our Blog at sff-mdsc.blogspot.com


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scouting For Food
As of 11/20/13

CCSFood Bank
2013 2012         %
ANTIOCH-JEFFERY 1,0105 4580 120.63%
ANTIOCH-RIO GRANDE 5107 9534 -46.43%
BERKELEY 3095 1656 86.90%
BRENTWOOD 5334 4265 25.06%
FARM BUREAU HALL 1,0179 9425 8.00%
CONCORD-FB 2479 6474 -61.71%
CONCORD-TREAT 4537 5123 -11.44%
DANVILLE 34,080 29,567 15.26%
DISCOVERY BAY 0 497 -100.00%
MORAGA 21,870 16,555 32.11%
PLEASANT HILL 12,712 12,868 -1.21%
HILLTOP 1535 2779 -44.76%
(CONTRA COSTA COUNTY 111,033 103,323 7.46%)
BENICIA 3442 3500 -1.66%
FAIRFIELD-FB 5915 7593 -22.10%
VALLEJO 1141 1871 -39.02%
TAFB   incl incl
(SOLANO COUNTY 10498 12964 -19.02%)

GRAND TOTAL (CC&S) 121,531 116,287 4.51%

 Lake County                          2,815           3,967

Napa Food Bank                 8,853         11,184

St. Helena Pantry           1,400          2,000

ScoutReach                       400           

MDSC GRAND TOTAL   134,999    133,475

Thank you all for making this year's
 SFF a success for our community and our Scouts.


Check Out the Up-Dated 
SFF  "Fun Fact" below.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Scouting For Food ~ Fun Facts

In 1988, the Boy Scouts of America launched the national “Good Turn,” known as Scouting for Food.

It was part of a campaign that targeted what the scouts called five “unacceptables” in society: hunger, child abuse, illiteracy, unemployment and drug abuse.
Mt. Diablo Silveralo Council ~ Totals
Last year, 2013, we collected .....................................134,599 lbs

Best year, 2002, we collected .....................................204,669 lbs

Average over 17 years ................................................174,109 lbs

Since 1997  we have collected 2,866,547 lbs of food. Now that much food is hard to imagine. So let’s think of it as just cans of soup. This would be:
·       3,821,862 cans of soup (12oz)

·       That’s 1,273,954.11 ft. or 241.27 miles if laid end to end.

·       This would stretch from Concord to Sacramento...to Lake Tahoe...and then 42 miles past Reno, Nevada!

Why ~ Who ~ How ~ What
Q: Why did we do this?  A:  Because a Scout is Helpful. We help those in need.  Because we have Scout
      Spirit and we live the Scout Law.

Q: Who does this help?  A: Mostly families and children who are hungry.
  • 18 million pounds of food distributed in fiscal year 2012 - 2013 -- that is enough food for over
      14 million meals.
  • 149,000 people served each month through direct service ­programs
  •  And a network of 169 partner agencies.
  • 28% are Children

Q: How did we do that?  A: One can at a time...the can YOU picked up last year...the cans you will pick up
      this year.  What you might think is a little effort is really all the effort that is needed...if everyone does a    
      little, together we can do a lot! Nearly 2.75 million lbs worth

Q: What can you do to make SFF better?  A: Double our numbers by inviting a friend or encouraging that
      one Scout who is reluctant to go or on Collection day stay out one hour longer.

Quick Facts from our local CC/SC Food Bank:

  • 149,000 people served each month through direct service ­programs and a network of 169 partner agencies. A 40% increase over two years ago.
  • 18 million pounds of food distributed in fiscal year 2012 - 2013 -- that is enough food for over 14 million meals.
  • 8 million pounds of produce distributed fiscal year 2012 - 2013.
  • 95¢ of every dollar donated goes directly to food programs.
  • 1 in 6 people living in Contra Costa and Solano counties struggle with hunger.
  • 1 in 4 people receiving emergency food are children.
  • 1 in 3 clients surveyed by the Food Bank had to choose between paying for food and paying their rent or mortgage.
  • 97,000 of these people were residents of Contra Costa County and 52,000 of them were residents of Solano County.  The breakdown of service by type of program is as follows:

Food Pantries
73,000 individuals received groceries from one of 91 food pantries.
Soup Kitchens
18,000 individuals received hot meals at one of 19 dining rooms.
Senior Food Program
5,000 individuals in low income senior citizen households received groceries twice a month at one of 26 Senior Food Program sites.
Extra Helpings
150 individuals in case management with Contra Costa County received up to two boxes of groceries, bread, milk and produce each month.
Farm 2 Kids Program
9,000 children in 84 after school programs in low income communities received 3-5 pounds of produce each week when school was in session.
Food Assistance Program
31,650 individuals received USDA commodities, bread and produce from one of 29 distribution sites.
Food for Children Program
1,245 children, ages 4-5, received a food box, bread and produce monthly.

Other Agency Programs
6,000 Households in Contra Costa and Solano counties receive an average of 7 different items of fresh produce totaling 20 pounds each month.

9,3000 children and adults with disabilities were served at 175 non profit day care, after school, residential and community program sites.