Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Three Simple Things

This is Good!
This will help us collect MORE food on the 11th!

  Have your Scouts do these "Three Simple Things":

1. Knock on every door that received a door hanger and did not leave a donation. Maybe they forgot to put out their food or would give if asked. They did this in East Contra Costa Co…and they collected more food than ever!

 2. Tell your family and friends if they didn't get a door hanger they can still help by dropping off their food at any SFF Collection Site on Nov 11th.

3. Ask your Charter Organization to collect food and you deliver it on the 11th.

History has taught us that most people will donate if asked by a Scout in his uniform. We also know that people have busy schedules and may want to help but forget to put out their food. We can remind them with a Scout friendly knock on the door.

We know that over 1.75 million people live in our Council and that approximately 5,000 Scouts and their leaders participated in SFF last year. This means that most people did not get a Door Hanger and many of them would be willing to donate if the knew where to bring the food.

If we do these "Three Simple Things" we WILL increase the food we collect for the needy in our communities and can truly say we try "TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE AT ALL TIMES..."

A copy of  a "Three Simple Things" Flyer and Collection Site list  for you to distribute can be downloaded here: